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The Team

.Professor Nasrin Moazami and the research group 


Prof. Nasrin Moazami's Curriculum Vitae:



1. B. Sc. In Biology, Faculty of Science – Tehran University 1963.

2. M. Sc. In Pathobiology, Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology, Medical Faculty, Laval University, Quebec, Canada, 1972- 1976.


Post Doc. Experiences:  

1. The Electron Microscopy, New Brunswick University, Canada, 1975.

2. Biotechnology of yeast and microbial culture collection, Bangkok, Thailand, 1984.

3. International training fellowship in molecular Genetics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malta, 1991.

4. Training fellowship on Cultivation of Plasmodium falciparum for Malaria vaccine production, Faculty of Medicine, Boon University, Germany, 1992.



Professional activities:

1- Assistant professor, Medical Faculty, Isfahan University 1976- 1980.

2- Dean of Academic, Medical Faculty, Isfahan University 1976- 1977.

3- Head of microbiology research section, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST) from 1980-1982.

4-  Head of Biotechnology Center, IROST, 1983-2004.

5-  Curator of Persian Type Culture Collection, PTCC, 1983- present.

6- Lecturer of Microbiology, Faculty of Health, Tehran University 1983- 1992.

7- Iranian High Level Science Committee, Ministry of Culture & Higher Education. 1994- 1998.

8- Iranian High Level Microbiology Committee, Ministry of Health and Medical Education, 1990-1995.

9- Biotechnology Focal – Point in Ministry of Culture & Higher Education, 1987- 1992.

10- Member of Scientific Committee in Iranian Research Organization for Science & Technology, 1982- Today.

11- Member of Iranian Basic Science Committee, Presidential office, 1993-1995.

12- Member of ECO. Scientific Committee, 1993-1995.

13- Member of Q.F.A. Scientific Committee, 1993-1995.

14- Research adviser to Queshm Free Zone autority ( Q.F.A). 1989-1999.

15- Member of Biotechnology Board, Ministry of Health and Medical Education. 2000- present.

16- West and Central Asia MIRCEN Director, 1992 up today

17- International Jury for the Carlos J. Finlay prize for Microbiology, 2003.

18- International Jury for the Carlos J. Finlay prize for Microbiology, 2005.

19-Head, Board of Trustee, Persian Gulf Biotechnology Research Center, Queshm Free Area, Queshm Island, 2003-2006.

20- Honorable professor of Shahid Beheshti Medical University, 2007-up today. 

21-Member of Editorial Board, Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research.2007-2009.


Teaching graduate Courses (M. S. C. Level)

- General Microbiology.(1973-1979)

- Genetics of microorganisms.(1980-1989).


Teaching – graduate courses (Ph. D. Level)

- Advanced Techniques in Genetics of Prokaryotes.(1980-1995)

- Advanced Microbiology.(1979-1995)

- Industrial Microbiology. (1989 up today) 

- Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.(1997 up today).


Research Projects Successfully Completed:

1-  Pilot Scale Production of Streptomycin.

2-  Pilot Scale Production of Lincomycin.

3-  Pilot Scale Production of Erythromycin.

4-  Pilot Scale Production of Gluconic acid.

5- Pilot Scale Production of Bacillus thuringiensis, 3a3b for biological control of agricultural pests

6- Isolation, Identification and Pilot Scale  production of Bacillus thuringiensis H- 14 and evaluation of product for control of malaria vectors in south of IRAN.

7- Establishment of Biotechnology pilot plant for local production of biological Insecticides, over one ton per year. This project completed with UNDP and UNESCO Cooperation.(IRA/89/035)

8-  Production of Gibberellic acid through fermentation.

9-   Single cell protein production from Lignocellulosics materials.

10- Production and application of Verticillium lecanii against tobacco aphids.

11- Pilot production of agar, carraginnan and SCP from Persian Gulf seaweeds.

12- Isolation and pilot scale production of industrial micro-algae of Persian Gulf. 

13- Pilot scale-Seaweed cultivation on the coastline of Queshm Island.


Founder of: 

Microbial Culture collection (Persian Type Culture Collection) with about four thousand microbial strains, mainly of industrial significance.

This culture Collection is affiliated member of WFCC and MIRCEN related to UNECO.  

First Biotechnology Research Center in Iran, (IROST) in 1980. This Center since 1992 is the regional reference Center of Biotechnology for west and Central Asia. 

First Marine Biotechnology Research Center in Queshm free Zone Area. Queshm Island. Iran. 1994. 



1- First Prize Kharazmi International Award 1988  

2- Best Scientist Award of IROST 1990 

3- Best Scientist Award of IROST 1992 

4- QFA Scientific Award 1994 

5- Palm - Academic award (France government's) 1995 

6- First High Research President Award 1996 

7-8th International Conference of Quality Managers Award, 2008



1-Deposit of Bacillus thuringiensis M-H-14 according to the Budapest treaty (DSM 14417) (DSMZ – Deutshe sammlung von Mikroorganismen und zellkulturen GMbH).

2-Composition for treatment against mosquito larvae and process for its preparation. EP 1 306008A1, 2003


Congress and workshop organized: 

1-First National Congress of Biotechnology: Tehran April 1985.  

2-Natinal workshop on maintenance of industrial Microorganisms, Tehran, December 1986.

3-National workshop on improvement and maintenance of industrial Microorganisms, Tehran, December, 1987.

4-First Regional Congress of Biotechnology, Tehran, November 1992.

5-First Meeting of Biotechnology Expert Committee of ECO. September 1992.

6-Second Technical Meeting on Combating Malaria & First Regional Meeting on Co-Operation amongst Developing Countries on Malaria Vector Control. 1995.

7-Regional work shop on marine biotechnology (Cultivation of macroalgae), Queshm Island, Iran 19-29 August 2002.

8-Regional Workshop/Conference on Geo-Biotechnology, Queshm Island ,Iran,18-22 February 2006.

9-Regional Workshop/Conference on Extreme Environment and Extremophile Organisms., Queshm Island November 19-23. 2006.



 Publications: (International)  

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Characterization of two Salmonella newportphages, 1979.

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Conference and Congress Presentation: 

68 paper in English and Persian



1- Introduction to biotechnology research and development, In Persian, 1994

2-Marine Biotechnology, In Persian, 2011